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Help make Wiltshire a greener, better place: invest in Council Solar Bonds
Swindon Borough Council and Abundance Investment have launched the UK’s first ‘Council Solar Bonds’ – offering local people the chance to co-invest with the council in the Swindon Community Solar Farm at Common Farm, Wroughton. The minimum investment is just £5 and the bonds have an effective rate of return of 6% – beating anything available from the banks at the moment.  65% of the profits will go to support community projects, such as energy efficiency and fuel poverty.  To read more - Click here

Fears that fracking will not be subject to normal planning process
We are concerned that Wiltshire fracking sites will not be subject to normal planning rules.  New planning guidance (August 2015) forces local authorities to decide on whether to allow controversial fracking operations within 16 weeks.  If they fail to approve them, government ministers have the right to intervene.

Four large blocks in Wiltshire have been licenced for fracking.  ST84 - near Warminster, ST85 - in and around Trowbridge, ST94 - Salisbury Plain, and ST95 - south of Devizes.  To read more - Click here

Core strategy - final consultation recently concluded
The Planning Inspector’s Examination in Public for Wiltshire’s Core Strategy took place in July 2013.  W
e are pleased that in April 2014 the Planning Inspector said that all references to separation distances between wind turbines and homes should be deleted from the Core StrategyTo read more - Click here

Wiltshire Council was asked to consult again on the inspector's recommendations.  This consultation concluded on Tuesday 27th May 2014.  We will update you when we receive further information.

Solar farms
The Wiltshire Clean Energy Alliance has been pleased to note the increasing number of solar developments in Wiltshire.  Public interest in solar farms has grown alongside the number of applications to Wiltshire council for planning permission.  In response, we have developed our own solar policy, which we use when deciding which solar farm developments we should support. 
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  To read Eric Pickles' response to our policy - Click here
  For commentary about the benefits of solar farms - Click here

Community talks about renewable electricity
Over the last year or so we have provided speakers for a range of Wiltshire-based community groups.  Each of our talks lasts around 45 mins and speakers are happy to answer questions.  We can provide expertise on wind farms and solar farms or provide a general overview of climate change and the role renewable energy plays in cutting our greenhouse gas emissions. 
  Please get in touch with us to request a speaker - Click here

Who are we?
The Wiltshire Clean Energy Alliance is a group of local residents, businesses, and community groups from Pewsey to Bradford on Avon. By working together we aim to ensure Wiltshire planning rules are fair, and that Wiltshire plays its part in reducing Britain's carbon emissions.  The WCEA represents over a thousand Wiltshire residents.

The WCEA is independent and does not receive funding.  The time individual members contribute to the WCEA is given freely in support an important cause.  If contributions towards specific costs are made, this will be clearly stated.

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